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It’s been a while since our last chat, but we’ve been saving up the good stuff for you. News of our partnership with Hollard, our Taschen book debut and a thrilling glimpse of the web in the future. Dig in and enjoy:
We are very proud to announce that we won the Hollard account, which means we'll be
Hollard's digital partner and taking them to new heights over the next 2 yrs. Currently we’re working on the redesign and development of their site. This exciting project aims to bring Hollard's online offering on a par with the big guys internationally. We've done our homework to make sure it blows the socks off anyone who visits so watch this space. Hollard_screenshots
tashen_image Over the years we’ve bought a number of Taschen’s Web Design books to wow, enthuse and motivate us so we couldn’t contain our excitement when they sent us copies of their latest book, "Web Design: Navigation", and we found that we were featured not once, not twice, but three times! This book illustrates elegant and intelligent solutions to one of the most important aspects of web design and we’re ecstatic to have our very own Flash site make it in along with two of our other much-loved sites:
left_grow Glasshouse Flash site :
Renaissance Body Science Institute:
Environ AVST:
We’ve all been sucked into it, the easy sharing, social networking world that has been termed Web 2.0. Networking with our friends on Facebook or watching shared videos on YouTube are very much part of our lives, but where do we go from here? What’s in store for Web 3.0?

As Times Online said: "If Web 2.0 was all about harnessing the collective intelligence of crowds to give information a value – ie. lots of people liked this story so you might too (" ... " - then Web 3.0 is about giving the internet itself a brain."

In other words, the web is becoming smart. Soon we’ll be asking full “natural-language” questions to search engines instead of using keyword search and we’ll be using Mashup technology to dynamically pull relevant data from various sources into our sites without having to go and look for it ourselves. With exciting technologies like these within reach we look forward to our work ahead and being a small part of this wonderful world of web.

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A vital part of our websites are the developers behind it. We're currently looking for another bright Ruby developer to join our family. If you have 2-4 years experience please click here to send us your details.
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